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Divorce often involves highly emotional and contentious legal issues. Among the many disputes that can arise in divorce, parties to a divorce are often most worried about the financial reality of the divorce — How will they continue to maintain their lifestyles? Will they be forced to support a spouse who could legitimately support him or herself? How will factors be considered to determine spousal support (also known as alimony or spousal maintenance)?

Skilled And Accomplished New Jersey Alimony Attorney

At the Law Offices of Jill Anne LaZare, LLC, Attorney LaZare works with men and women throughout the divorce process. She uses her extensive experience and strong negotiation skills to work out creative solutions with respect to spousal support. She also has the persuasive trial presentation techniques necessary to bring a case to court that cannot be decided.

To set up an appointment with an experienced Summit spousal support attorney, contact the Law Offices of Jill Anne LaZare, LLC, online or by phone at 908-219-4366.

Is Alimony A Factor In Your Divorce?

With extensive legal experience as well as a background in business and computer science, Attorney LaZare has an exceptional ability to handle the financial component of divorce. She meticulously analyzes the financial circumstances of clients and their spouses, helps them understand the different types of spousal support available in New Jersey and provides educated judgment on how a case may be decided by the courts. Whenever possible, she works with clients to negotiate a fair, favorable divorce agreement, including agreement over the issue of spousal support/alimony awards or waivers.

If it is determined that spousal support/alimony is appropriate in a given case, the following are the different types of support that may be awarded or agreed upon under New Jersey divorce process laws:

  • Permanent alimony, which is usually awarded in cases involving long-term marriages and a spouse who was out of the workforce for an extended period raising children
  • Limited duration spousal support, which provides support for a specific period so that a dependent spouse can become self-supporting
  • Rehabilitative spousal support, which provides temporary support while a dependent spouse rehabilitates vocationally by earning a degree or training so that he or she can become self-supporting after a significant period out of the workforce
  • Reimbursement alimony, which reimburses a spouse for his or her contributions to the other spouse’s advanced degree (recognizing that the spouse would have otherwise benefited from the higher income of the spouse by contributing)

Contact The Law Offices Of Jill Anne LaZare, LLC

For an appointment with a proficient divorce lawyer who can address your concerns about spousal support, contact the Law Offices of Jill Anne LaZare, LLC, online or call the office at 908-219-4366. Her offices are located in Summit, New Jersey, and in Manhattan.

Attorney LaZare is licensed in all state courts in New Jersey; the Federal District Courts in New Jersey and the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the 2nd and 3rd Circuits.

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